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Welcome to the NEW WildRice home page. This site contains bits of interesting and perhaps not so interesting projects that I have worked on or am currently working. You will find some of the things here are cutting edge, and some are old and out of date. That is the nature of my site and my life. I find a new and interesting toy and play with it exclusively till I quit learning from it. Then I move on to the next.

  About WildRice

The WildRice domain was first registered in 1995. It has nothing to do with the rice growing (except perhaps for my kids :). I had joined the Internet community a couple of years before then and wanted to learn more about this intriguing medium. I also wanted to get my friends and family connected. At that time, email accounts were not easy to get. So I purchased the WildRice domain and became my own ISP. I tried to register my surname, Rice, but at the time Rice University already had that name in use. The next best thing was WildRice. I hope to be able to pass the domain down to my grandkids one day. Why do I add the Communications? That is what I use it for! WildRice.com naturally lead to WildRice Communications.

WildRice has grown since then. This site runs about a dozen mailing lists, and hosts several websites for friends and people I have become affiliated with in the last 10 years.

Much of the site is hosted on Macintosh Computers as they are the easist to maintain. Now days I also have a few Linux machines as I want to learn more about that operating system.

Much of the site is technical related since I enjoy playing and learing about Electronics, Robotics, Programming, Anamitronics, Home Automation, Woodworking, Metalworking CAD/CAM, Hauntes Houses and even Ballroom Dancing (which is a lot more technical and athletic than many people think). There is really no telling what I will get interested in next.



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